Fees and reimbursements

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SCAS certified


Injury consultation € 80
Follow-up consultation € 40
Sports medical examinations
Specific sports medical examination € 80
Specific plus sports medical examination € 110
Comprehensive sports medical examination € 260
… for mountaineering € 300
Separate items
Hemaglobin blood sample (red blood cell count) € 10
Skinfold measurement € 20
Pulmonary function test € 45
ECG at rest € 45
Exercise test with continuous ECG registration € 110
Exercise test with continuous respiratory gas analysis € 130
Other products by mutual agreement



Sports medical care at Robic conforms to the SCAS standards of quality. We are also member of the FSMI.

This means our medicals will be reimbursed by the supplementary policy of your Dutch healthcare insurance. The amount of this reimbursement depends on your insurance and your policy. A general overview can be found on the website of Sportzorg (Dutch only).

Injury consultations are an exception to this rule. As from January 2016 a consultation is covered by basic healthcare upon referral from a GP (huisarts). This requires us to carry an additional registration that we have not acquired yet. However, there are several insurance companies that still cover an injury consultation by their supplementary policy. A general overview of these can be found on the website of Sportzorg (Dutch only).

Would you prefer not to be surprised by unforeseen fees? Please contact your insurance before visiting.

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Terms and conditions (Dutch only) of Weijmans Sportmedisch Advies apply to sports medical services at Robic.