Stress test

At Robic, we do stress tests a bit differently

Lang protocol

Long test protocol

We use a much longer test protocol, so we can determine your heart rate and strength zones much more accurately.



On your own bicycle

We place your own bicycle on a special ergometer, so that you can perform to the best of your ability on the bicycle that you are most familiar with. (Do you not yet own your own bicycle? No problem – just borrow one of ours!)



With lactic acid measurements

We conduct standard lactic acid measurements. In contrast to oxygen measurements, we use lactic acid measurements to determine whether you have made improvement, and in which areas.




Concrete racing recommendations

After the consultation, you can discuss the results in detail with someone experienced in bicycle racing. So you leave our office with your test results and concrete training tips.





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Stress test

Intended for accurately measuring your heart rate zones, determining your current condition and even your strength zones. The test protocol is custom-tailored to your own physiological characteristics. Includes BMI measurement.

Our stress test does not have a medical purpose and therefore does not apply for any reimbursements through your health insurance. Our medical tests can be found on this website under ‘Medical’. A medical VO2max test emphasizes on maximal efforts and is shorter and less precise in establishing heart rate and power zones. These medical tests our SCAS certified.

The total time for the consultation is 1.5 hours. Price: €130
Second test within 6 months to measure your progress: €110

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This article from Wielrenblad gives an even better idea of what we can do.

What to bring
– Cycling gear (shorts, shoes, sweatshirt)
– Towel (two: 1 for the test and 1 for the shower)
– Your own (clean) bicycle
– Make sure that you are well-rested when you arrive for the test.

Prepare the way you would for an important tour, cyclosportieve or race



Sample test results.

Our other services

Wingate Test

Racers especially may be interested in their aerobic capacities, but also where their anaerobic capacities lie. With a Wingate Test, we can measure your peak strength, lactic acid buffer capacity and fatigue index at maximum effort. Intended to measure anaerobic capacity.

The total time needed is 30 minutes. Prijs: €50,-

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Power Profile
The most thorough method for determining all of your capacities is by means of ‘Power Profiling’. By measuring your effort expended on different lengths at varying intensity, we can identify exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You can then use the detailed report to work on the exact area where the most progress can be made.

Intended to identify exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

The total time necessary is 2.5 hours. Price: €200
Second test to measure your progress: €170

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Where are we located?
We conduct our tests from the Robic Human Performance Lab in Amsterdam Sloten, next to the Velodrome. See contact for more information. All of our equipment is mobile, so we can also conduct group tests on location. If you would like to request a test, or simply want more information, please feel free to contact us via or call us.