Jim van den Berg
Human Movement Sciences in Amsterdam and Montpellier, semi-pro at Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team, loves echelons and victor of Parel van de Veluwe, Groeistad Classic and Tour of Groningen.
Leon Burger
Human Movement Sciences in Amsterdam and Leuven, retired road racer, more than enough climbing genes , cyclo rider and victor of the Wall of Wageningen.
Wouter Ruchtie
Human Movement Sciences in Amsterdam, board member at the Domrenner, member of the Human Power Team, likes to train polarized and elite cyclist at WV Eemland.
Wilma Franken
Human Movement Scientist and physiotherapist, proud mother and many years of extensive coaching experience at among others Rabobank Women Cycling Team.
Floris Goesinnen
Human Movement Sciences in Maastricht, former pro rider at Skil-Shimano and Drapac, 31e Parijs Roubaix (2007), Bergklassement Eneco Tour (2008), 3daagse de Panne (2009), 4e etappe Ronde van Taiwan (2011).
Maarten van Kooij
Human Movement Sciences and Health Sciences at the Maastricht University, triatlethe, education expert and parttime Girona resident.
Eelco Weijmans
Sport physician
Medicine at the Vrije Universiteit, sport medicine in Isala, ultra distance rider and altitude acclimatization expert. Amsterdam – Bali (2005-2007), Trans Continental Race (2013), Trans Am Bike Race (2015).
Florian Smits
Physiotherapist, SI-joint expert with a love for cycling abroad from a second place in the Tour of Groningen to the second stage at GP Cantal Biya.
Bouke Kuiper
Human Movement Scientist and medicine at the Vrije Universiteit, fromer track specialist and semi-pro, decorated father, physician in training and second at Worlds track for Juniors.
Lars Vierbergen
Nutrition and Dietetics HvA and trend watching at ACI Tilburg. Was able to ride his bike before he could walk. Former member of Dutch national squad road, winner of St. Geertruid and collector of U23 jerseys. Semi pro at Van Vliet and Koga with a speciality for hilly terrain. Nutritionist with a specialty in endurance sports, talented road cyclist and victor in Oud-Gastel, Nieuwdorp and Regional Champion of Zuid-Oost.
Pieter Scheerens
In 2017 Pieter will celebrate his third lustur, as he will be a candidate for his 15th consecutive road license. Pieter falls in the category "seen it all" and has earned his stripes on the beach, road, cross country and even track. Being a sociologist Pieter knows how individual behaviour and its surroundings are connected and is always there to preach the values of being a cyclist. Pieter is head Cyclinglab Amsterdam, hosts training sessions and improves customer support.