kantoor 3When your body doesn’t function as it should, you are often referred to a physiotherapist. In the process of finding the cause and improving your musculo-skeletal system, a close collaboration with the trainer often achieves better results faster. Unfortunately, this step is often left out in practice. That is why we have our own physiotherapist at Robic: Florian Smits. Robic clients can therefore benefit from regular contact between their trainer and physiotherapist.

Florian is also available to help, even if you are not yet a Robic client. Our physiotherapy is specially focused on cyclists of all types, so we can recognise the specific cycling-related complaints that other physiotherapists often miss. We have contracts with all of the insurance companies in the country, so our treatments are covered if your policy includes physiotherapy. We take the time to provide proper treatment; no 20-minute sessions. No referral from your doctor is needed to make an appointment.


Florian has years of experience as a physiotherapist, and he can often be found in the peloton himself, as he is an accomplished elite amateur. By combining his experience in practice with his theoretical expertise, Florian can help ensure that you can train without pain or strain.



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Florian Smits
Excentric Fysiotherapie
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