Each individual is different, and no two people have the same cycling posture. So we do not use mathematical models or joint angles; we determine the optimal cycling position based on medical screening, pressure measurements, cycling experience and personal goals, but mainly our knowledge gained from human movement studies and physiotherapy. Our bike fitting will ensure that you sit comfortably in the saddle, in order to prevent injuries or discomfort. Our dynamic bike fitting also ensures that you can provide the optimal power while cycling.

We also have a very precise fitting bike. Therefore we can also help you to determine which new bike would be ideal for your cycling position and goals.

We start with a detailed screening by our physiotherapist. Using the Cycling Matrix, we can identify any issues with your musculo-skeletal system and provide adequate treatment. By identifying areas with decreased muscle control, we can prevent injuries and adjust the bicycle to compensate for these areas. After a thorough physical exam, our human movement scientists begin with dynamic pressure measurements on the saddle and the soles of the feet. This, combined with the medical screening, will help you determine your ideal cycling posture based on your physical characteristics and individual goals. This means that we do not adjust your bicycle based on mathematical models, but rather based on your propensity for certain injuries and discomfort, your posture, your muscle structure and your flexibility.

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Bike fitting

– Intake interview
– Detailed screening by our physiotherapist using the Cycling Matrix
– Saddle analysis using dynamic saddle pressure measurement
– Sole/shoe plate analysis using dynamic pressure measurement
– Video analysis
– Setting the new cycling position
– Bike fitting report with our findings, new bicycle settings and recommendations.

– The fitting of a second bike (€75,- extra)
– Aerofitting (€75,- extra)

The total time needed for the bike fitting is 2.5 hours.
Price: €225

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Saddle analysis

If you are convinced that your bicycle is adjusted properly to your body, but you are not sure that you have chosen the proper saddle for you, we can also perform a saddle analysis. As with the bike fitting service, we measure the pressure points on the saddle while cycling in various positions. Changing the orientation of the saddle and/or choosing a different type of saddle can permanently eliminate pain or discomfort, such as ‘a numb feeling’ or ‘saddle pain.

Saddle analysis

– Intake interview
– Saddle analysis with dynamic saddle pressure measurement
– Bike fitting report with our findings and recommendation.

A saddle analysis takes 1 hour.
Price: €110

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Foot sole analysis

We also offer the same service for a foot sole/pedal analysis. The application of force to the pedals is perhaps the most important element of cycling. The proper fitting of the shoe plates and the right type of shoes in combination with soles is extremely important in order to prevent injuries to your ankles, knees and/or hips. By means of a dynamic pressure measurement for the soles of your feet, we can optimise this application of force and prevent injuries from occuring.

Foot sole analysis

– Intake interview
– Foot sole/shoe plate analysis using dynamic pressure measurement
– Bike fitting report with our findings and recommendations.

The total time necessary for a foot sole analysis is 1 hour.
Price: €110

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aerofittingWhile cycling on a trainer you will get realtime feedback about power and frontal surface. You will see the loss of speed or reduction of power by adopting different postures. This information can be used to make an considered choice between comfort or speed. This is not only usefull for your position on a time trial bike, but also very interesting to see differences in posture on a road bike.

With an aerofitting we will give you a full hour of testing different positions and advice. An aerofitting can be booked seperately as well as part of a complete bikefitting

The total time needed for an aerofitting is 1 hour.
Price: €110,-

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No bicycle

Do you not yet own a racing bike, but would rather choose one based on the results of a bike fitting? No problem! Robic has several sizes of racing bikes available to determine the right bicycle settings for you. So you can go to the bike shop with a good recommendation.

Wedges, shims and soles

We have wedges, shims and soles to optimise your position for every available pedal system.